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We love our community!

Wild Hero Coffee Co. was established in the spring of 2013 in Mustang, OK By Steve and Christy Cook. In August of 2019 their daughter Sheila Cook joined as part owner and manager. Sheila and Christy are almost always in the store and are dedicated to serving Mustang with high quality coffee and customer service.



Are you locally owned?

We are locally owned and operated. The owners live in Tuttle and OKC and are very active in running the coffeeshop.

Where do you get your beans?

We believe in providing the Freshest coffee beans possible to our customers.

That is why we work closely with a local roaster (Stillwater, OK.) who shares this same belief. 

It is always our goal to support local whenever possible.

Where did the name come from?

Wild Hero may seem like an odd name for a coffeeshop, but its origins come from a local sports great.

It was inspired by the play of former Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook.

A commentator once called him a Wild Hero because he is known for playing a little wild but he ends up being the hero in the end.

Why Mustang?

Mustang is such a tight knit community, one that truly cares about one another.

So, back in 2013, they were missing a place where people could meet and build relationships.

That is why this was the perfect place to launch Wild Hero.

Our emphasis is always going to be on customer service, relationships, and great coffee.

Did the building use to be a Taco Bell?

Yes. Yes it did. We still get a taco order from time to time.

Made to Order!

We believe in handcrafting our drinks.

No automatic espresso machines will be used at any Wild Hero locations.

We want every drink to be custom made and of the highest quality.

If we don't get it exactly right,

let us remake it for you.

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